Get the best for your Honda: Take it to an authorized service center

Honda Motor Company is a Japanese car maker. Currently, Honda is the second largest car manufacturer in Japan after Toyota. Honda cars have been well received in Australia. They have been distributed in Australia since the late ’60s. Honda cars are highly appreciated in Australia for their comfort, reliability, and more importantly, safety. That’s why they need special attention. Northside Honda service is equipped with the latest equipment and technology for diagnosis and servicing.



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Some words about Honda Services

A team of technicians trained by Honda will perform all the tests, repairs, and maintenance needed to keep your vehicle running like new. Moreover, the technical staff is always available to answer your questions. Authorized Honda dealers have opened all over the country, with a variety of offers.

Brand new cars, used cars, or demo cars, all can be purchased at authorized Honda dealers in Australia. And if you are already the proud owner of a Honda car, it is highly recommendable you find a Honda car service centre in order to keep your vehicle in optimal working conditions.

In a Honda car service center, the technicians will fix all the problems of your Honda vehicle. Knowing that fixing a little problem can prevent the development of a bigger one, the experts will identify even the issues that would seem insignificant to others. The technical staff will not take any shortcuts that may compromise the quality of their work.

Why authorized dealers are the best option

The safety and reliability of your Honda car is their priority. Northside Honda service is committed to providing top-notch care for your vehicle. Besides, you can be sure that at a Honda service centre only genuine parts are utilized for any repair, which means your Honda car will continue running with exactly the same manufacturer’s specifications.

If a genuine Honda spare part is not available in Australia or has been discontinued, the technical staff will use a replacement that perfectly fits your Honda car. If this is the case, the Honda car service centre will issue a warranty for the non-genuine part that was used. Visit Austral Honda for more details.

Why take your car to a service centre?

When you take your vehicle to a Northside Honda service centre, it is not only the technical service that matters. The commodities offered to the customers are second to none.

While your Honda car is being serviced or repaired, you can have a cup of freshly brewed coffee in a waiting lounge. You can read a magazine or the newspaper while you drink your coffee or other beverage of your preference. You can watch TV or a DVD on a large digital screen while you enjoy some snacks.

Moreover, the lounge has all the facilities to accommodate the differently abled. However, if you cannot or do not wish to wait, the service staff can drive you to the place you indicate. In some cases, a loan car can be provided so your daily activities and schedule are not disrupted by your car being serviced. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed.